” That’s when we threw in the creole language into the character and I think that really helped it but trust is the most important thing that I got from working with him. Interesting enough, the last Spider-Man starred your former TV co-star Jamie Foxx. There’s a lot of issues that stem from this film, including bullying and sexual orientation. If the mother doesn’t have her stuff together then neither will the daughter and that’s what she sees coming in the end. We’re supposed to see her innocence, and while Ryan is older than the character, she has this innocence about her.

I think self worth is a huge thing, whether you are a kid or a grown up. ” I then asking the name of the film and he said, “Spider-Man: Homecoming.” I told him to stop talking and to call them back and say yes. I flew into Atlanta not knowing what the character is.

When you know your worth, people can’t penetrate your shield as much as they can. Know that going in and even if you make mistakes, you can rise above it. I’ve always loved journalism and because I have two little kids, it often keeps me in town. I love the pop culture, interviewing people and seeing what makes them tick and being able to do that in LA and at the same time, getting opportunities to do a movie like A Girl Like Grace and recur on The Magician for Sy Fy and also getting to shoot Spider-Man: Homecoming. When you are telling a story about life, it has to be diverse because that is what’s life about and what we see on a daily basis.

” Only because it was something that no one had given me the opportunity like this.

For most actors, we can do the work but it’s getting people to see you that way.

When the bullies make Grace the focus of their attacks, Grace turns to the new girl in town, the sexually savvy Share (Good).

But Share is out of Grace’s league, and Grace soon learns hard lessons about the dangers of drugs and promiscuity.

GB: We hit it off the moment we met so I felt she was the daughter I never had. GB: For me and this character and in working with Ty, I have to trust him. I took my kids to see Captain America: Civil War and I was sitting in theater with my kids and a girlfriend, and I’m watching the film and enjoying it, and less than a month later I get a call to be in the next one.

I have to completely let go of any inhibition, any fear and just go for it. One day we were in rehearsals and he comes up to me and says, “I’m from the West Indies and you’re from the West Indies, so how can we make that work?

At first I thought it was going to be some gang banging in the hood but I was so wrong thank goodness.

Actually it's packed with action and great stunts from Jet Li and a few from DMX.

What’s the message folks can get from watching this movie?