In this shot we see toys on the floor, dishes in the sink, towels to be folded, and children with dirty faces. For them, these things aren’t problems to be solved, they are simply parts of daily life. He’s learned to do things that he can see are causing me stress.They encourage us to sit down and relax, we tell them that we can’t because we’ve got our eyes on a problem. To maintain sanity and actually enjoy being mothers, we’ve got to start seeing life more like a video. A screenshot of our day will never look perfect nor is there an accurate definition of perfect anyway. Not because they bother him, but because he’d like to spend time with me when I’m not preoccupied.

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So RDPP broke it down in the best way possible: with a metaphor so simple, even those who have historically had trouble grasping the concept should be able to understand it.

They might say, “Yes, please, that’s kind of you,” and then when the tea arrives they actually don’t want the tea at all. UPDATE: An animation company just made the concept that much easier to understand.

There is built in accountability since the next week we’ll evaluate if we completed our list.

This has meant that my husband can procrastinate as long as he wishes, but will be busy on the last day of the week. I don’t nag because I know that our accountability will speak for itself.

It isn’t an open-ended “ It is my personal opinion that Type A women see life as a picture.

It’s as though, at am, someone takes a shot of the house. Once we’ve identified these problems they take residence in our minds until we solve them. am might see some mess, but in a few minutes the toys will be in the baskets, the children will take a bath this evening, the dishes will get done after dinner, and the towels will be folded and put away. Paula Abdul was right, people, My husband helps me clean up, not because he cares so much, but because he knows I do.

Though it may seem like the man’s job, if the man was not strong in this area it would ultimately be putting the family at a disadvantage to remain so just for gender sake.

We will be strong in certain areas where our husbands are weak, and they will be strong in certain areas where we are weak. And when our husbands aren’t naturally oriented the same way then we begin nagging to get things checked off our list.

This is because our list occupies our mental space.