Always show the utmost respect towards your date’s parents, siblings, elders, and the rest of the extended family.

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For many Asian cultures, the family is often involved in making decisions, big or small.

If you do get to that stage in your relationship where you’re considering marriage, you’ll be in a much better position if you’ve been courting the family from the beginning.

(A “wai”, by the way, is the traditional Thai greeting where you press your palms together near your chest and bow your head.) You should also find out what values are most important to the person you’d like to date. Faith and religion are other things that you should discuss as you get to know each other. But don’t assume that you both had the same exact experiences.

A Korean person who is also Christian will likely be looking for someone who has the same values. Find out about the other person’s background and history. Think about whether or not you would be willing to travel and commit to living in two different worlds.

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Take a break and check out some of these videos: Fung Brothers - Dating Asians in the City?!Did you know that in Chinese culture, shaking hands is commonly accepted while in Korean and Japanese cultures, bowing is the standard greeting?Make a good first impression by familiarizing yourself with any manners and traditions specific to your partner’s home country. Are you looking for someone who is more traditional or liberal?(For the purpose of this article, when we say “Asian”, we’re referring to someone who immigrated to America for school or later on in life.) From family values to cultural norms and expectations, in Asian dating there are a number of things you’ll want to take into consideration before jumping into a relationship.For starters, someone who moved to America in adulthood will have had very different experiences from an American-born Asian.Expect the same (or perhaps something even grander! Take the time to find out if you’re on the same page regarding family values and expectations because you’re straddling two different cultures that both require acknowledgement and respect.