We're just tossing the idea out there, now that nepotism is so hot on and around the Great White Way. Russell is getting rave reviews for "The Fighter," but he still has his critics. "One sister walked out when we were screening it for them," he said.

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The Motor City Madman and his 20-year-old kid, Rocco Winchester Nugent, arrived at the Old Homestead Steakhouse on Thursday and were so mobbed by well-wishers that a source at the restaurant tells us the visibly flustered maitress d' had a hard time seating the rocker.

Then, while the Nuge and his progeny dined on rack of lamb and lobster, our source says a heated argument broke out at the bar.

He made his feature directorial debut in 2017 with Molly's Game, which he also wrote.

Sorkin's trademark rapid-fire dialogue and extended monologues are complemented, in television, by frequent collaborator Thomas Schlamme's characteristic directing technique called the "walk and talk". In his freshman year he failed a class that was a core requirement.

Recalling the influence on him at college of drama teacher Arthur Storch, Sorkin recalled, after Storch's death in March 2013, that "Arthur's reputation as a director, and as a disciple of Lee Strasberg, was a big reason why a lot of us went to [Syracuse].

'You have the capacity to be so much better than you are', he started saying to me in September of my senior year. On the last day of classes, he said it again, and I said, 'How? I've been coming through on his admonition ever since"."I don't want to analyze myself or anything, but I think, in fact I know this to be true, that I enter the world through what I write.

His works include the Broadway plays A Few Good Men and The Farnsworth Invention; the television series Sports Night, The West Wing, Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip, and The Newsroom; and the films A Few Good Men, The American President, Charlie Wilson's War, Moneyball, and Steve Jobs.

For writing The Social Network, he won the Oscar for Best Adapted Screenplay, among other awards.

The contents of his first two plays got him a theatrical agent. Deborah told Sorkin that she was going to Guantanamo Bay to defend a group of Marines who came close to killing a fellow Marine in a hazing ordered by a superior officer.

Sorkin got the inspiration to write his next play, a courtroom drama called A Few Good Men, from a phone conversation with his sister Deborah (who had graduated from Boston University Law School and signed up for a three-year stint with the U. Sorkin took that information and wrote much of his story on cocktail napkins while bartending at the Palace Theatre.

However, he had to leave the project to finish up the script for A Few Good Men, so screenwriter Scott Frank stepped in and wrote two drafts of the Malice screenplay.